How can I get to the starting points of the West Coast route?

The start/finish points of the West Coast route are in Skagen and Rudbøl

The exact spots are marked in both places with a map of Danmark drawn on the ground. In Skagen the map i located in front of the train station, and in Rudbøl it can be found at a parkering place in center of town.

Between the two maps are 560 km of beautiful nature and great cycling experiences to be seen and explored!

The start at Rudbøl is designed as one of the rest stops of the trip. Here you'll find a map of the route, and the neccesities to keep you moving; airpump, water, electricity and tools for stretching after a long day's riding.

Start Rudbøl

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Get to the starting point in Rudbøl by driving towards Tønder or Højer and from there go towards Rudbøl.

The Map is located on the parking place by the road leading towards the Danish/German border.

It's possible to park your car in Rudbøl, while you experience the West Coast route.

The closest airport to Rudbøl is Hamburg (HAM).

Catch the local train from Hamburg Altona, and from there a train to Tønder.

From Billund (BLL), you can find public transportation leading towards Esbjerg, and from there to Tønder.

Train from Copenhagen connects to Tønder via Bramming with Arriva and via Fredericia with DSB.

Connection from Hamburg happens via Niebüll with NOB or DB.

There are buses going from Tønder to Rudbøl.

Please be aware of any rules regarding bringing your bike on these trains and buses.

See for schedules and prices.

Start Skagen

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To get to the Skagen starting point, you drive towards Skagen center.

The Map is right in front of the train station.

For the best experience, we recommend starting your cycle trip at the parking place by Grenen.

The closest airport to Skagen is Aalborg (AAL).

From there you can get a bus to either Lindholm station or Aalborg station, and then a train to Skagen.

Car rental at Aalborg airport is also a possibility.

You can grab a train going to Skagen train station and the starting point.

From Copenhagen you get a train to Frederikshavn and the switch to the local train to Skagen.

Be aware of any rules regarding bringing your bike on the trains.

See for schedules and prices.