West Coast Route

Rudbøl - Skagen
560 km

No other national route in Denmark contains contrasts as great as the West Coast Route. To the south, rich, flat marshland. To the north, steep and dramatic sand dunes. The West Coast Route is the story of man and sea. A 560-kilometre-long story about life on nature's terms.

Approx. 70% of the route is paved, but long sections consist of sand and gravel tracks. We recommend solid tyres.

The West Coast Route forms part of the European EuroVelo Route no. 12 which is part of the North Sea Cycle Route running from Scotland to Norway. The route is the longest cycle route in the world and runs through seven countries. Find out much more about the North Sea Cycle Route at http://www.northsea-cycle.com/

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Did you know?

Two large scale maps on 4x5 metres mark the beginning of the route.

They are placed in Rudbøl and Skagen.

When cycling you will follow route number 1.

The route is signposted all the way.

12 marks the EuroVelo12 route, the North Sea Cycle Route.

The route visits 11 municipalities and 3 regions.

You'll visit two National Parks, the fifth largest city in Denmark, Esbjerg, and the oldest one, Ribe.

Along the route you will find 9 bike pitstops.

They are made for you as a cyclist.

Here you will find hammocks, tap water, electricity and information regarding the route.