Bike maps along the West Coast


Maps for the West Coast Route and the local Panoramaroutes

West Coast Route maps

The Danish Cysclists' Federation has published eight new bike maps. They include the national routes including the West Coast Route as well as local routes like the Panorama routes.

In order to follow the West Coast Route by map you must buy the following:

  • Nordjylland

  • Vestjylland og Limfjordslandet

  • Sydjylland

The maps are printed on waterproof material

Panorama routes

Conquer the 16 Panorama bicycle routes along the west coast of Denmark. These routes will take you along cycle paths and small roads to some og the most beautiful places along the Danish coastline. You will arrive at places where peace and quiet reigns and where the buzz of the city ceases completely.

Price: 99,- DKK.

This book is in English. Click here to buy


Gratis rutebeskrivelser til hver af de 16 Panoramaruter

Panoramarute 401

Panoramarute 402

Panoramarute 405

Oksbøl/Vejers Strand

Klik her for at hente og printe kortet


Panoramarute 407

Panoramarute 408

Panoramarute 409

Panoramarute 411

Panoramarute 412

Panoramarute 413

Panoramarute 414

Panoramarute 415

Panoramarute 416